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The Singing Cowboy

Balladeer. Country, Blues and Jazz singer. Entertainer. Band member. Horseman.

Leith Ryan is no tv cowboy. He is a cattle worker. He is a campdrafter. He is a Rodeo rider and a Polo player. And above all, he is a renowned equine dentist. He is a true ‘Singing Cowboy’ and this is what makes his music so authentic.

When you listen to Leith play country music, it is guaranteed to bring back your dog, horse, mother or lost love – even if only in your memory. His interpretation of the Blues invites you to sip along and dwell on colorful songs – then splash it up again with some ‘good ole Rock'n'Roll’ to dance to and remember happy days.


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GI Blues

I Started A Joke

Folsom Prison Blues

  • First Band

    In 1960, ‘The Strangers’ started playing at the Villawood Migrant Hostel Australia – the same place that spawned bands like AC/DC, Easybeats, Bee Gees, Atlantics, etc.

  • The Delawares

    Moved on to join ‘The Delawares’ in 1964 who were the ‘go to’ band for many artists to follow and use as their backing band on recordings.

  • 1968–1969

    Texas Tavern, Kings Cross Sydney

  • Asia and Vietnam

    Toured Asia and Vietnam with Tony Sheridan (Beatles, Hamburg) in 1969 entertaining US and Australian Troops.

  • Wagga Wagga

    Bands: Scattered Aces, Mayberry Park, Moonshine, Sugerfoot. Solo gigs in various restaurants, pubs and bars.

  • Live And Recording Artist

    A popular choice as bass and guitar player as well as harmony singer for recording sessions and live concerts in Australia, USA, South East Asia and Europe. Leith worked with artists like The Bee Gees and Roger Miller, just to name a few.

  • Australia and Europe

    Currently living and working between Australia (QLD) and Europe, based in Switzerland.

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